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Paideia 2016 Sections 9 & 16 - Needham: Technology Help Desk

Notable 19th Century Americans


There is a large computer lab in the library, but do not plan to wait until the night before to write your paper! If you need access to technology, make sure you plan accordingly.

Technology Help Desk Services

The Technology Help Desk is located on the Main Floor of Preus Library, adjacent to the Research Help Desk and near the Writing Help Desk. The staff working at these desks will work together to help you with questions related to research.

The Technology Help Desk staff specialize in questions related to the computer lab, specific computer issues, printing (including Go Print), and files and formatting. You can find out more by visiting the Technology Help Desk homepage.


Don't forget to back up your work early and often. If you are using a lab computer, your H drive or a thumb drive are the best way to save your work.

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