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Paideia 2018 Section 02 - dos Santos: Class Activities

Life in Latin America

Resource Evaluation and Identification

You are writing a research paper about why the U.S. may have engaged in surveillance and monitoring in Brazil, as revealed in documents leaked by former NSA analyst Edward Snowden. As a part of your search you are coming across a lot of articles that may be useful sources for your paper, but you need a way to initially evaluate sources so you can decide what you will save to read later and what you will discard. Additionally, you know that you need to include a few scholarly sources in your citations, and that you may also use newspapers and magazine articles as primary sources.

The research guide is linked to two sources that you have found in your searching. Please examine both of these sources. Do not read them from beginning to end, but focus on what you can learn about the articles by looking at the publication information, author information, the record page, etc.

Sunday Market at Liberade

Sunday market at Liberade by sandeepachetan
by flickr user sandeepachetan

News Article

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