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Health 344: Home

Health Education Content, Methods, and Assessment II

Google Sites Walkthrough - used to generate lorum ipsum filler.


I. Logging in to "Sites" (

II. Creating a new site

  1. “Create”

  2. Notice the Template Gallery (Don’t click yet!)

  3. Select a name (2016 Health Methods Test Lastname)

  4. Notice the select Themes (Don’t select - we will use the Default ICEBERG template)

  5. Click “Create”

  6. Click “Share” button

III. Adding content

  1. Home - wait until other content is in place

  2. About Me

    1. Add new page

    2. Name it, and select Web Page (a basic page that you can edit similar to a web editor)

    3. Add text - type and format as you wish

    4. Add image - from file or from web - align and wrap text.

  3. Class News - Blog

    1. Add new page

    2. Name it, and select Announcements (this gives you a list of posts in reverse chronological order.

    3. Add a couple posts.

  4. Syllabus

    1. Add new page

    2. Name it, and select Web Page.

    3. in Editor, click in text box, then from the Insert menu chose “Document”

    4. pick a google doc to include

    5. Why would you do this?

  5. Back to Home

    1. Change the layout - two columns with a header and footer.

    2. In Header, put course description

    3. In Left column, insert Recent Announcements gadget

    4. In right column, insert calendar

IV. Customizing the Site

  1. Sidebar

    1. Click “more”

    2. Then edit site layout - hover over nav box to edit

    3. Change nav menu order (originally shows items in Alpha order, and shows subpages.

    4. Add other boxes to sidebar.

  2. Other content types

    1. Picassa web slideshows

    2. Files - upload things for people to download - display in a list.

    3. Lists - customizable and sortable

  3. A look at templates and themes

    1. Templates available ONLY when creating a new site

    2. Themes can be changed at any time through the “manage site” menu.

V. PLAN your site design and the information needed before you start to build.

VI. Training Videos on (contact the Technology Help Desk for login)

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