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Anthropology: Browsing the Shelves

Library of Congress Classification System

Preus Library classifies its print collection using the Library of Congress Classification System. The areas listed below are good places to browse to discover items that pertain to anthropology and archaeology. There may be other items of interest in the collection that are found outside of these call number ranges. Check the catalog to discover call numbers for specific items.

               CC       1-960              Archaeology

                  E           75-99                   Indians of North America

                                99                               Indian Tribes and Culture

                  GN       1-890                  Anthropology

                              49-298                       Physical anthropology

                              301-673                     Ethnology

                              700-890                     Prehistoric archaeology

                   GR    1-950                  Folklore

                             72-79                        Folk literature (General)

                             420-950                     Folklore relating to special subjects

                                   430-488                      Folklore relating to private life

                                   500-615                      Supernatural beings

                              880                        Medicine.   Folk medicine

                      GT  1-7070                   Manners and customs (General)

                                                              For works limited to special countries, see D-F


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