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BIO 358: Toxicology: Browse to Discover

Shelving System: Library of Congress

Browsing to Discover (a representative list)

In the Reference area, specialized dictionaries and encyclopedias can be identified
by browsing in the areas outlined below.  The General Collection can also be
browsed using these areas of the Library of Congress Classification System. 

QH – Natural history and General Biology.  Includes nature conservation,
microscopy, general biology, genetics, reproduction, ecology, and cytology.

QK – Botany.  Includes plant anatomy, physiology, and ecology.

QM – Human Anatomy.  Includes human embryology.

QP – Physiology.  Includes neurophysiology, neuropsychology, animal
biochemistry, experimental pharmacology.

QR – Microbiology.  Includes bacteria, immunology, and virology.

RA -- Toxicology and other Public Aspects of Medicine.  Includes public health, hygiene and preventive

RC – Internal Medicine.  Includes the practice of medicine such as diagnosis,
individual diseases, first aid, neurology and psychiatry, geriatrics, arctic and
tropical medicine and sports medicine.

RE-RL – Ophthalmology, gynecology, and obstetrics, pediatrics, dentistry, and

RM – Therapeutics and Pharmacology.  Includes diet therapy, diet and dietetics
in disease, immunotherapy, endocrinology, drugs, and physical therapy.

SF – Animal Culture.  Includes housing, feeds and feeding, animal nutrition,
breeds and breeding, cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine, furbearing animals,
lab animals, pets, birds, insects, veterinary medicine.

TD – Environmental Technology.  Includes water quality and pollution.

TX – Home Economics.  Includes nutrition, foods and food supply.


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