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Paideia 111 Sections 8, 18, 29 - Hurley (Fall 2019)

This Guide will introduce you to Preus Library resources and services that you can use in Paideia and beyond.

Where in the Library...?

In This Section:

  • An overview of call numbers
  • Where relevant call numbers are located in Preus

A Brief Introduction to Call Numbers

infographic describing the general subject classifications of Library of Congress class lettersCall numbers? What are they?

Call numbers are assigned to each book in the library. They...

  • Help us find materials
  • Group books by subject or topic

Here in Preus (and in most academic libraries) we use the Library of Congress Classification system.


Who came up with this??

  • Some old, white men who worked for the government in the late 19th and early 20th centuries


Classes A - L are on the 1st floor of Preus.

Classes M - Z are on the 2nd floor of Preus.


An Example:

The call number for your Open Unit text, Eating Animals, is:




Infographic created by McMaster University Library.

Relevant Call Numbers

Use this chart to think about where your topic fits into the way the library is organized - by subject.

Note: Reference books for all subjects (classes A-Z) are separated out of the larger collection and kept on the main (2nd) floor of the library. Look for call numbers that start with "Ref" to know what's reference and what's in the general collection.


Sub-Topic Class Location
Religion, Philosophy, Ethics Philosophy (general) B105 1st Floor

Religion in relation to other subjects

BL65 1st Floor
  Hinduism BL1100-1295 1st Floor
  Jainism BL1300-1380 1st Floor
  Creation, including animals BT746 1st Floor
Geography, Anthropology, Recreation: Social customs Eating and Drinking GT2850-2853 1st Floor
Social Sciences: Activism, social movements


HM621-656 1st Floor
  Social problems and reform HN57 1st Floor
  Protection of animals, animal rights/welfare HV4708-4711 1st Floor

Medicine: Public medicine, health

Nutrition and health RA784 3rd Floor
Technology: Home economics Food, food supply, nutrition TX349-392 3rd Floor
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