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PAID 111 Section 04: Reed (Fall 2020)

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Martin Luther King Jr. - At Zion Hill

The album "Martin Luther King - At Zion Hill" was released in 1962, and included six speeches given at the Zion Hill Baptist Church, in Los Angeles, California on June 17, 1962.

The original recording was as an LP record, and it has not been formally re-released in more modern formats. Linked below are versions of the "At Zion Hill" speeches that have appeared on other recordings, and which have been posted on YouTube.

Side A - (All Side A tracks combined - listed on YouTube as "The Dilemma and the Challenge")

  1. The Negro Dilemma
  2. Excellence
  3. Fun Town

Side B - 

  1. The Three Words (listed on YouTube as "All Here and Now")
  2. The Ballot (listed on YouTube as "The Better")
  3. We Shall Overcome

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