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Paideia 111 Introduction to Preus Library

A home-base guide for learning about the library in Paideia 111.

Click the link for your section to find resources specific to your Open Unit topic

Section 3: Things Fall Apart
Instructor: Martin Klammer; Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 4: A Year of Biblical Womanhood
Instructor: Chontel Syfox; Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 5: A Lesson Before Dying
Instructor & Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 6: The Essential Rumi
Instructor: Christy Vrtis; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 7:  Significant Moments in Da Life of Oriental Faddah and Son : One Hawaiʻi Okinawan Journal
Instructor: Jackie Wilkie; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 8: Eating Animals
Instructor: Scott Hurley; Librarian: Amanda Jenkins

Section 10: Faust, Part One
Instructor: Jonathan Struve; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 11: Ten Plays by Euripedes
Instructor: Anne Bulliung; Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

Section 12: Bacchae and Other Plays
Instructor: Dan Davis; Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 13: The Essential Rumi
Instructor: Christy Vrtis; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 14: Things Fall Apart
Instructor: Kathy Reed; Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 17: Go, Went, Gone
Instructor: Robert Christman; Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 18: Eating Animals
Instructor: Scott Hurley; Librarian: Amanda Jenkins

Section 19: Judgement at Nuremberg
Instructor: Mike Garcia; Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 20: Nineteen Eighty-Four
Instructor: Amy Weldon; Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

Section 21: The Bluest Eye
Instructor: Novian Whitsitt; Librarian: Holly White

Section 22: Things Fall Apart
Instructor: Wanda Deifelt; Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 25: The Best We Could Do
Instructor: Marie Drews; Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 26: Divided Highways
Instructor: Mark Thorne; Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

Section 27: Faust, Part One
Instructor: Jonathan Struve; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 29: Eating Animals
Instructor: Scott Hurley; Librarian: Amanda Jenkins

Section 30: Nineteen Eighty-Four
Instructor: Stephanie Travers; Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

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