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Palestine-Israel Conflict


Welcome to the research guide on the Palestine-Israel conflict. The purpose of this guide is to provide resources that will enable readers to understand better the issues at stake and the history of the conflict. The idea for this guide was born from a panel organized by the Center for Ethics and Public Engagement of Luther College.

The views and opinions of the authors of the resources listed do not necessarily reflect the views of Luther College, the Center for Ethics and Public Engagement, Preus Library, or the author of this Guide.

Please be aware that this is a rapidly changing situation. Misinformation and disinformation abound, and you need to read broadly, question your sources, and synthesize information from multiple perspectives.

Basic Facts

United Nations, Historical TimelineThe Question of Palestine

Haddad, Mohammed and Alia Chughtai. A Brief History of Israel-Palestine Conflict in 10 Maps.

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