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Immigration - CIL Guide

Gathering Sources

Gathering Sources

As you prepare to gather sources, you will need to consider the following questions:

  • What information do you need?
  • Who might write that sort of information?
  • Where might you locate that type of information?

Use these answers to help you decide where to being gathering sources. For example, certain government websites might post immigration statistics, but those websites probably won't provide a critique of those statistics

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Potential starting points:

Keep in mind that every source of information (for example, Google Scholar or Academic Search Complete) looks and works differently. While Google Scholar has one main search box, Academic Search Complete has multiple boxes. Exploring how each of these tools works, and understanding what the tool is searching (all of the internet? or only certain resources?) can help you target the types of information you are seeking.

  • NYTimes Database (only available through library):
    • Includes newspaper articles from all editions of the New York Times.
    • Keep in mind the particular perspective of this newspaper.
  • Journal on Migration and Human Security (freely available via internet):
    • A publication from the Center for Migration Studies in New York.
    • Be sure to visit the "About" page to learn more about the goals of this journal and the organization.
  • The Postville Project (freely available via internet):
    • A website created by the University of Northern Iowa and the Luther College Archives.
    • The site hosts digital materials from those affected by the 2008 immigration raid in Postville, and provides links to many additional resources about the raid and its impact.
    • As you browse the materials, consider the purpose of the website.


Already know what you need? Here are a few more options:

I need background information I need a broad overview I need detailed information
Try the Gale Virtual Reference Library Try searching for books in the library catalog Try searching for articles in Academic Search Complete


Question mark in a lightbulbQuestions to consider

Q: When using a certain tool, like Academic Search complete, what voices or perspectives might be privileged? Whose voices might be missing within this sort of tool?

Q: In what ways might the choice of a certain tool, like the NY Times database, impact the information you are able to gather?


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