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Paideia 111 Introduction to Preus Library

Questions for Michelangelo Library Instruction Activity

  1. Which works was Domenico Ghirlandaio known for?

  2. What process is used to create fresco paintings?

  3. Who is Lorenzo de’Medici and why was he a powerful figure in Florentine politics?

  4. What was main focus of Renaissance humanism?

  5. Who commissioned the statue of David?

  6. In what ways did Pope Julius II impact the career of Michelangelo?

  7. What are the Papal States and how do they relate to the power of the papacy in Renaissance Italy?

  8. Which popes hailed from the della Rovere family?

  9. What aspects of Michelangelo’s art are reflected in Mannerism?

  10. What series of events led to the sack of Rome in 1527?

  11. Who is John the Baptist and how is he often depicted?

  12. Who is Saint Peter and how is he often depicted?

  13. Who is Minos?

  14. To what extent did patronage play a role in the arts of the Renaissance?

  15. What are Michelangelo’s best known works?

  16. Who was Michelangelo’s teacher while he was studying in the Medici gardens?

  17. More than once, Michelangelo had to leave Florence due to political reasons; when and under what situation did these exiles occur?

  18. Who controlled the Republic of Florence in the early 15th century?

  19. What was the impact of the trade guilds during the Renaissance?

  20. For which Popes did Michelangelo complete works?


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