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Paideia 111 Introduction to Preus Library

A home-base guide for learning about the library in Paideia 111.

Welcome to Preus Library!

This Fall, we will share how to kickstart your inquiry and investigation into new topics using the library. An introductory video is available in your Paideia KATIE site.

Many sections will also complete an exercise using library reference sources in relation to your Open Unit text.

See the list of topics below for resources related to your Open Unit assignment. 

Click the link for your section to find resources specific to your Open Unit topic

Quarter 2

Section 7: Master Harold and the Boys
Instructor: Martin Klammer; Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 8: Clash of Civilizations Over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio
Instructor: Thomas Johnson; Librarian: Holly White

Section 10: A Tale of Two Cities
Instructor: Jonathan Struve; Librarian: Holly White

Section 11: Darkness at Noon
Instructor: Laurie Iudin-Nelson; Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

Section 17: Master Harold and the Boys
Instructor: Nancy Barry; Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 18: We are the Weather
Instructor: Scott Hurley; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 19: Judgement at Nuremberg
Instructor: Mike Garcia; Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 20: This America
Instructor: Amy Weldon; Librarian: Holly White

Section 21: Pinjar: The Skeleton and Other Stories
Instructor: Brian Caton; Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 22: Bad Stories
Instructor: Keri Bodensteiner; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 24: Of Love and Other Demons
Instructor: Wanda Deifelt; Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 27: Their Eyes were Watching God
Instructor & Librarian: Rebecca Sullivan

Section 28: Beowulf
Instructor: Kate Narveson; Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

Section 29: The Line Becomes a River
Instructor: Lise Kildegaard; Librarian: Freeda Brook


Quarter 1

Section 1: College in Prison
Instructor: Storm Bailey; Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 2: Braiding Sweetgrass
Instructor: David Faldet; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 3: Walden and Civil Disobedience
Instructor: Benjamin Tokheim; Librarian: Holly White

Section 4: The Nickel Boys
Instructor: Kathy Reed; Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

Section 5: The Man in the High Castle
Instructor: Todd Pedlar; Librarian: Holly White

Section 6: The Essential Rumi
Instructor: Christy Vrtis; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 12: Bacchae and Other Plays
Instructor: Dan Davis; Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

Section 13: The Metamorphosis
Instructor: Andy Hageman; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 14: A Lesson Before Dying
Instructor: Lori Stanley; Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 15: Their Eyes were Watching God
Instructor & Librarian: Rebecca Sullivan

Section 16: Divided Highways
Instructor: Mark Thorne; Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

Section 23: 1984
Instructor: Dalton Little; Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 25: The Line Becomes a River
Instructor: Marie Drews; Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 26: Euripedes
Instructor: Anne Bulliung; Librarian: Ryan Gjerde


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