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HIST 321: The Sixties in Myth and Reality

HIST 321: The Sixties in Myth and Reality, Jackie Wilkie, Spring 2021

On This Page

On this page, you'll find: 

  • Tips for choosing sources to use in your project
  • Resources for analyzing primary sources 

Choosing Sources

evaluate sourcesWhen choosing sources, consider:

  • Who
    • Who wrote it? What could their biases and affiliations be?
  • What
    • What kind of source is it? A book? A newspaper article?
    • What claims does the source make? What is its argument or thesis?
  • Where
    • Where was it published? In an encyclopedia? Online? What country?
  • When
    • When was it written? What time frame does it cover?
  • Why
    • Why did the author write it?
    • Why might it be useful to my own argument or research questions?

Analyzing Primary Sources

Primary sources need to be evaluated and analyzed before you use them in your research, just like any other resource. Here are some helpful guides and worksheets for evaluating primary sources: 

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