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Identity Studies

Research guide to all topics related to the Identity Studies major.

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keyScholarly resources at a glance:

  • Search databases for WGST-related scholarly content
  • Browse scholarly journals by topic: general WGST, area studies, humanities, race, social sciences, and more.
  • Find WGST books

Scholarly Research Databases

General WGS Journals


Area Studies and WGS

Humanities and WGS


 A journal of feminist philosophy


A journal of Jewish women's studies & gender issues

Women & music

A journal of gender and culture

Race and Gender Journals


 Feminism, race, transnationalism


A journal of women, gender and the black international

Asian Women

Asian Women

Asian Women is the official journal of the Research Institute of Asian

Social Sciences and WGS

Gender & Society

Gender & Society


A journal of women and culture in society

Camera Obscura

Feminism, culture, and media studies


A feminist publication on art and politics

Social Politics

 International studies in gender, state and society

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How do I find books on this topic?

Did you know that you can use Subject Headings to search for books? A subject heading is like a tag that pulls together books on a subject, regardless of what specific words or terms the author used. So different authors may use the term "gay" or "homosexual man" or "MSM" to refer to a group of people, but all of those books would be under the subject heading "Gay men". If you only did a keyword search, you might not get all the results. 

To search by subject heading, type in SU: before the term. Examples:

SU: Gay Men  

SU: Lesbians–United States–Biography.

SU: Heterosexism in medical care

For a list of LGBTQ-related subject headings, visit this website

Caveat: Subject headings can be complicated when talking about LGBTQ topics, because sometimes the nuances of terms can be lost. Changes in subject headings are also slow, so there may be some terms that are no longer considered respectful or accurate still used as subject headings.

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