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National History Day Resources

In This Guide

In this Guide, you'll find:

  • Resources for choosing a topic and finding background information
  • Primary source databases
  • Databases providing articles on scholarly research and current events

Getting Started

Connect to Luther WIFI

  • Select the WIFI network named "LCGuest"
  • Open your web browser, and go to any page, such as the Preus Library homepage
  • A "Terms of Service" for guest access will appear. Confirm to gain access to the WIFI network.

The online resources available through Preus Library are openly available to you when connected to the "LCGuest" network. This network is available in any building on campus, so you don't necessarily need to be in the library to continue your research!


Primary Source Materials

Additional Primary Sources

See our Primary Source Guide for other online collections available while on the Luther College campus.

Secondary Sources

Continuing your Research

Collecting Sources

Online Resources

Most of our electronic databases will give you the option to "Print" or "Save" articles to PDF format, which will allow you to keep a copy that you can read after you leave the library.

Many databases also will allow you to email links to yourself - NOTE: these links often do not include a copy of the article text, and will only work from on-campus.

Print Books and Journals

You may use our public scanner/copiers to make a free PDF that will be sent to you by email, of the section of the book or article relevant to your topic. TIP: Start by scanning the title page of the book, so that you have all of the information needed to cite your sources!

The Notes app on iPhones and iPads is also a good tool for capturing a PDF of a print resource. Look for the camera icon within Notes, and then select the option to "Scan Documents."

Borrowing Options for Community Members

Preus Library allows people age 18 and older, and who live in the Decorah area, to register for a "Community Borrower" card. If there are print library materials you would like to check out, ask your parents if they have registered.  If not, they can come to the front desk of the library to fill out a request form, and then check out materials on your behalf.

Our license agreements with vendors prevent us from allowing off-campus access to our online resources, however you are welcome to return to Preus Library any time we are open to access online resources and browse print materials!


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