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PAID 112 Section 19: Drews (2024)

Life Magazine

In This Guide

book icon [source:pixabay]You'll find:

  • Encyclopedias and other reference sources for background research.
  • Primary sources, including Life Magazine and others
  • Secondary sources, including books and databases

Research as Inquiry, Scholarship as Conversation

What are you curious about?

  • What do you still have questions about?
  • This might seem obvious, but your topic should interest you!

How can you contribute to the conversation?

  • Are there gaps in existing research?
  • Can you approach a topic from a new angle or perspective?


Picking a topic is research, too!

This video (3 minutes) describes the process of choosing and testing out a topic. See more tips below the video, too!

Video posted on YouTube by North Carolina State University Libraries under a Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-SA US license.

Encyclopedia and Reference Sources

General Online Reference Collections

American Decades

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