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PAID 112 Section 13 - Hageman (Spring 2021)

Find resources and search tips for your Paideia 112 research paper on film history - Professor Hageman, Section 13, Spring 2021

In This Section

in this guide graphicIn this section, you'll find:

Trade Publications

Film Reviews

Box Office Returns

Film Industry Associations & Awards

Websites of Note

Industry News


Choosing Sources

evaluate sourcesWhen choosing sources, consider:

  • Who
    • Who wrote it? What could their biases and affiliations be?
  • What
    • What kind of source is it? A book? A newspaper article?
    • What claims does the source make? What is its argument or thesis?
  • Where
    • Where was it published? In an encyclopedia? Online? What country?
  • When
    • When was it written? What time frame does it cover?
  • Why
    • Why did the author write it?
    • Why might it be useful to my own argument or research questions?
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