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PAID 112 Section 09 - Huinker (Spring 2020)

Find resources and search tips for your Paideia 112 research paper on the Roaring Twenties - Professor Huinker, Section 9, Spring 2020.

In This Guide

in this guideIn this Guide, you'll find:


Preus Library has so much more than what's in this Guide! When you have questions about the library or about finding a resource, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Start with Reference

Books (e-books and print)

General Reference Databases

Reference Sources Tip

Start with the index!

There you'll find a list of all of the topics that book covers, along with the page (and volume) where you'll find the topic mentioned.

Research Databases

Scholarly Articles

Primary Sources

Speeches, music lyrics, literature, essays, radio and film scripts, images, letters, diaries, legal documents, historical newspapers and magazines and pamphlets and advertising--there are so many possible primary sources for your topic!

Archival Resources

Historical Newspaper Sources

Search Tips

As you start exploring the library and its resources, here are some tips to help you gather more sources:

  • Use filters in the catalog and in databases. Typically along the left side of your search results screen, you'll be able to filter your search results by topic, by type of source, by date, and more.
  • Heading to the stacks? Browse the shelves near the book you're headed for--you'll probably find more books on the same topic.
  • Use subject terms--these are standardized phrases that librarians assign to sources that are all on the same topic. You can generally find them in the description of a resource. If you click on one, you'll see more articles or books about the same thing.
  • What documents or research are your sources citing? See if you can track those down too.
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