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Paideia 112 Research Unit


Welcome to the Paideia Research website 

On this website you'll find strategies by which you can produce a successful research paper, as well as worksheet assignments that your instructor might assign.  Please consult your individual section's research syllabus for assignments and due dates.

Click the link for your section to find resources specific to your topic

Section 1: Iberian Conquest of the Americas
Instructor & Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 2: History and Culture of Food in the US
Instructor: Elaine Bossard; Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

Section 3: Ancient Greek Mythology
Instructor: Anne Bulliung; Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

Section 4: Gender in the Upper Midwest
Instructor: David Faldet; Librarians: Lindy Moeller & Hayley Jackson

Section 5: Terrorism
Instructor: Paul Gardner; Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 6: Cold War 
Instructor: Todd Pedlar; Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

Section 8: Children's Health Worldwide
Instructor: Martin Klammer; Librarian: Holly White

Section 9: U.S. Women’s Biographies, 1845-1945
Instructor: Jackie Wilkie; Librarian: Holly White

Section 10: German History and Culture since 1945
Instructor: Elizabeth Steding; Librarian: Lindy Moeller

Section 12: Black Death
Instructor: Robert Christman; Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 13: The History of Luther College
Instructor: Anna Peterson; Librarians: Hayley Jackson & Andi Beckendorf

Section 14: Constructing Identity and the Practice of Passing
Instructor: Marie Drews; Librarian: Lindy Moeller

Section 15: The Wild West
Instructor: Kate Elliot; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 16: Film History
Instructor: Andrew Hageman; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 17: Peace Makers
Instructor: Lise Kildegaard; Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 19: Nature and Society
Instructor: Richard Mtisi; Librarian: Lindy Moeller

Section 20: 19th-Century America as Reflected in the Arts, 1840-1940
Instructor: Kathy Reed; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 22: Jefferson's West 
Instructor & Librarian: Rebecca Sullivan

Section 23: Lies My Teacher Told Me
Instructor: Amy Weldon; Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

Section 24: The 1960s
Instructor: Novian Whitsitt; Librarian: Holly White

Section 26: U.S. Criminal Justice System
Instructor: Lauren Anderson; Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 27: Creativity
Instructor: Andrea Vazquez-Aguirre; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 28: Asian America
Instructor: Brian Caton; Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 29: Popular Music and Social Change
Instructor: Mike Garcia; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 30: Supreme Court
Instructor: Michael Johnson; Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 31: The Creative Mind
Instructor: Thomas Johnson; Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 32: Early Modern English Social History
Instructor: Kate Narveson; Librarian: Holly White

Section 33: Disability Rights in the US
Instructor: Lindsey Row-Heyveld; Librarian: Lindy Moeller

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