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Paideia 112 Research Unit

A step-by-step guide to the Research Paper Unit in Paideia 112.


Paideia OwlWelcome to the Paideia Research Guide

On this website you'll find strategies by which you can produce a successful research paper, as well as worksheet assignments that your instructor might assign.  Please consult your individual section's research syllabus for assignments and due dates.

Below you'll find links to Guides with topic-specific resource suggestions for each section.

Spring 2021 Research Topics

Section 1: Finding Joy in Hard Times

Instructor: Christy Vrtis
​Librarian: Holly White

Section 2: Race and Gender in the Midwest

Instructor: David Faldet
Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 3: Scientific Revolutions

Instructor: Benjamin Tokheim
Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 4: Gender and Race in the Arts in North America, 1830-1930

Instructor: Kathy Reed
Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 5: Medieval and Early Modern Japan

Instructor: Todd Pedlar
Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

Section 6: Finding Joy in Hard Times

Instructor: Christy Vrtis
​Librarian: Holly White

Section 7: Disability Rights Movement

Instructor: Lindsey Row-Heyveld
​Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 8: The Creative Mind

Instructor: Thomas Johnson
Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 10: Weimar Germany

Instructor: Jonathon Struve
​Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 11: Stalin's Gulags

Instructor: Laurie Iudin-Nelson
Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 12: Sophocles, Oedipus Rex and Antigone

Instructor: Dan Davis
Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

Section 13: Film History

Instructor: Andy Hageman
​Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 14:  Indigenous Peoples

Instructor: Lori Stanley
Librarian: Holly White

Section 15: Happiness

Instructor & Librarian: Rebecca Sullivan

Section 16: World War II

Instructor: Mark Thorne
Librarian: Hayley Jackson

Section 17: The 1960s in the U.S.A.

Instructor: Nancy Barry
Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 19: Fake News and Propaganda

Instructor: Mike Garcia
Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 20: Knowing This America

Instructor: Amy Weldon
Librarian: Holly White

Section 21: Asian America

Instructor: Brian Caton
​Librarian: Germano Streese


Section 22: Storytelling

Instructor: Keri Bodensteiner
Librarian: Ryan Gjerde

Section 23: Social History of 19th Century America

Instructor: Kathy Reed
Librarian: Andi Beckendorf

Section 24: Iberian Conquest of the New World

Instructor: Wanda Deifelt
​Librarian: Germano Streese

Section 25: Graphic Narratives

Instructor: Marie Drews
Librarian: Freeda Brook

Section 26: Ancient Greek Drama

Instructor: Anne Bulliung
​Librarian: Ryan Gjerde


Section 27: Nature and Society

Instructor: Richard Mtisi
​Librarian: Ryan Gjerde​

Section 28: Monsters

Instructor: Kate Narveson
Librarian: Holly White


Section 29: Peace Makers and Game Changers
Instructor: Lise Kildegaard
Librarian: Germano Streese

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