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Research Posters


The title should be concise and descriptive, capturing the essence of the research or presented topic. It should also be prominent and easily readable from a distance.

  • Avoid overly technical language.

  • Subtitle (if applicable): In some cases, a subtitle can provide additional context or detail about the specific aspect of the presented research. It can help further clarify the main title and provide a more comprehensive understanding of the topic.

  • List the full names of all authors involved in the research or project. 

Font size: 70 - 80 for the title.


The introduction provides background information on the topic, including its significance and relevance. 

  • Explain why the research topic is important and relevant.

  • Highlight gaps or unanswered questions in the existing literature that your study aims to address.

  • Clearly state the specific objectives or research questions that guided the study. This helps to focus the reader's attention and provides a roadmap for understanding the rest of the poster content.

Wordcount: 100-200  

Font size: Headings 44; Main text 32

Materials and Methodology

Describe the research strategy used to conduct the research project. Provide a clear and concise description of the procedures, materials, and methods used to conduct the research or project.

  • Study Design: Describe the overall design of the study. Provide a rationale for why this design was chosen and how it aligns with the research objectives.

  • Materials and Instruments: List and describe any materials, tools, or instruments used in data collection or analysis. Provide enough detail for readers to understand how these materials were used and their relevance to the study.

  • Procedures: Describe how data were collected, processed, and analyzed, including any specific protocols or techniques used.

  • Limitations: Acknowledge any limitations or constraints of the study methodology, such as sample bias, measurement error, or external validity concerns. Discuss how these limitations may have influenced the results and interpretations.

Wordcount: 100-200

Font size: Headings 44; Main text 32


Present the main findings of the research or project.

  • Provide brief summaries or descriptions of the key findings presented in the visuals. Highlight any patterns, trends, or significant findings observed in the data. Use concise language and bullet points to convey the main points effectively.

  • Include tables, charts, graphs, or diagrams to visually represent the data and findings.

  • If the research involved qualitative data collection or analysis, summarize the main themes, patterns, or insights derived from the qualitative findings. Use quotes or excerpts from interviews, focus groups, or other qualitative sources to illustrate key points.

  • Use captions that describe the graphics.

Wordcount: 100-200     

Font size: Headings 44; Main text 32; Captions 28


In the Conclusions section, you provide a succinct summary of the main findings, discuss their implications, and offer insights into the broader significance of the research or project.

  • Begin by summarizing the main findings of the study, highlighting the most important results or insights obtained. 

  • Assess the extent to which the study objectives were achieved and whether the results support or refute the initial hypotheses.

  • Offer interpretations of the findings and discuss their significance within the context of the broader research literature. 

  • Consider how the findings contribute to existing knowledge in the field and advance our understanding of the topic.

  • Acknowledge any limitations or constraints of the study that may have impacted the interpretation or generalizability of the findings. 

  • Offer suggestions for future research directions.

Wordcount: 150-300      

Font size: Headings: 44; Main text 32


Provide a list of sources cited in the poster.

Font size: 24


Recognize any individuals, organizations, or funding agencies that contributed to the research or project. This section is typically placed at the bottom of the poster.

Font size: 24-28

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