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Research Posters

Creating a Poster Using PowerPoint

1. Resizing your poster. This is the most important step. 

a) Click on the Design Tab, then find Slide Size, then Custom Size.

b) Enter the required dimensions. 

c) When prompted to Maximize or Ensure Fit your content choose Ensure Fit


Selecting a Background for your Poster

2) After setting the slide size, it is important to choose a background before you start adding content to your poster. Please DO NOT use colored backgrounds, as these quickly use up the ink cartridges.

Select the Design Tab and then the Format Background button. 


Adding Content

1) Before adding content, add gridlines, guides, or ruler views to aid in the layout of your content. 

Select the View Tab and then check the appropriate box. 


2) Use the Insert Tab to add images, tables, charts, text boxes, and shapes to your poster. Select the rectangle shape from the shapes box to create columns or a colored text box. You can overlay a textbox over a shape to add text.

PowerPoint Tips

Moving Content

To move content minimally, you can use your keyboard instead of your mouse. Select the element and use the arrow buttons on your keyboard. 

Grouping Content 

To group content like shapes, charts, and text boxes, you select one element, hold the Shift key, and click on the remaining elements until they are all selected. Then, click on the Format tab and select "Group." 

Sizing Content Evenly

To size an image or text box equally (i.e., keep the original proportions but make it larger or smaller), click on the element, hold the Control key, and size it with your mouse. 

Duplicate Content

To duplicate shapes, charts, and other elements, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D

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