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Research Posters

Using Images

Images or photos can add meaning to your poster, but you should only use these images legally and ethically. You can use images in four ways:

  1. Find images or photos that are licensed as Creative Commons.

  2. Ask permission from the creator of the image or photo.

  3.  Buy your photos from a stock photo site (example: iStock).

  4. Take your own photos.

Finding Images

How to Find Free or Public Domain Images in Google Images:

1. Do an initial search in the search box, similar to how you would search Google.

2. Locate the Tools option in the search box on the results page. 

3. Click Tools, and an additional line of options will appear.

4. To narrow your search to images you can reuse, click Usage Rights, which will display a drop-down of options.

Other public domain image repositories:

  • - Archives of royalty-free vector clipart in the public domain

  • PDclipart - Public domain clip art in categories you can browse.

  • Image*After - Images that are in the public domain and are available for personal and commercial uses.

Creative Commons

Material under a Creative Commons license can be freely downloaded, adapted, distributed, and transmitted without prior permission. However, specific conditions may apply based on the license type. Due to variations in licenses, it's essential to carefully review the precise terms of the license before utilizing an image.

   Attribution: others can use the work however they like, so long as they give credit.

   No Derivative Work: others can copy, display, or perform your work, but it must be verbatim.

   Non-Commercial: others can use your work, but for non-commercial purposes only.

   Share Alike: others can distribute derivative works, but only under the same terms as the original license.

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