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Paideia 112 Research Unit

A step-by-step guide to the Research Paper Unit in Paideia 112.

About Preus Library

Preus Library has three floors that are accessible to the public. You enter the library on the second floor, or Main Floor. This second floor is really the hub of the library, housing many of the library's resources and services.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, collections on the upper and lower floors are unavailable for browsing during the 2020/2021 school year. Staff offices on the lower floor are accessible.

The Upper Floor houses the Archives Reading Room, the Rare Book Room, and small group and individual study space.

The Lower Floor houses the Curriculum Library, Faculty Carrels, CAE, TRIO, and the Digital Media Center, in addition to small group and individual study spaces.

Most of our books and periodicals are shelved on the upper and lower levels using the Library of Congress call number system.

Preus Library - Main Floor (2nd Floor)

Preus Library Main Level


Preus Library - Upper Floor (3rd Floor)

Preus Library Upper Level


Preus Library - Lower Floor (1st Floor)

Course Reserves

Your professor may have requested that books be placed on reserve for your Paideia section. These books will be especially relevant to your section's topic, and come specifically recommended by your instructor.

Because these books have the potential to be relevant to many of your classmates, these books can be checked out for only two (2) hours and can't leave the library. Stop by the Reserve Desk on the main floor of the library and tell the student worker your professor's name and the title of the book you're looking for.

In your section's Guide, your librarian will make a note of which books are on reserve, and which books are found in the main stacks. Look for the words Reserve Desk in front of a call number--that's how you'll know to head to the Reserve Desk instead of the upper or lower floor of the library to find that book.

Recall: Requesting Materials Someone Else Has Checked Out

During the Paideia I research paper period, any library books checked out to students in Paideia I are subject to recall by other Paideia I students after just three days instead of the regular recall period which is two weeks.

To recall a book for your Paideia research, go to the Circulation Desk and fill out a recall card for each book. All Paideia I students are expected to respond in a timely manner to recall requests so others can use the same sources. You should make effective use of materials checked out in anticipation that others may request them.

Fines will begin when you do not return your book as requested.

The library’s regular recall policy still applies to all other situations. Books checked out by students not in Paideia I are not subject to recall, even by Paideia I students, until two weeks after checkout.

Interlibrary Loan: Requesting Materials the Library Does Not Own

Since many of the items in the collection at Preus Library are selected with Paideia I research in mind, Interlibrary Loan privileges are not allowed for Paideia I research except in rare cases.

If you feel that you need something that is not available in Preus Library, please consult your instructor. One of the librarians might also be able to help you find other resources that will fill your needs.

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