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Paideia 112 Research Unit

A step-by-step guide to the Research Paper Unit in Paideia 112.

Develop a System for Recording Sources

In a project as large as this, you’ll want to develop a system for recording the sources you have found for your topic.

One way to keep a record for you (and your instructor) of what and where you have searched for sources is to use Worksheet 2: Sample Research Log (see Home: Worksheets 1-10). This log can also be helpful information to have when you consult a librarian.

Or consider doing the following:

  • As you begin your research, create a "Works Cited" or Bibliography card for each source you find -- either an "electronic card" you can easily find on your computer or an actual 3 x 5 paper card.
  • On that card, include the author, title, and place and date of publication -- make certain you spell everything correctly.
  • If you want to use a short-hand method for referring to the source, you could give the source a number.
  • If you consult a source electronically, make certain to indicate which database (such as JSTOR) or electronic reference source (such as Encyclopaedia Britannica) you used.
  • You may also want to keep an email folder with links that will get you back to the journal articles or encyclopedia entries you consulted.

Sample 'Works Cited' Card

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